Swiss Apple Stem Cell Face Serum Review

Swiss Apple Stem Cell Face Serum Review

Before getting into the review part, there are a lot of people who have no idea about what this Swiss Apple Stem Cell face Serum is all about. Hence everyone must know what exactly this product is.

What is Swiss Apple Stem Cell Face Serum?

Swiss Apple Stem Cell Face Serum is an anti-aging and anti-wrinkling serum. It is entirely made out of natural products that are obtained from plant cell cultures from a very rare Swiss Apple.

The swiss apple stem cell serum is an amazing product and is offered by Emerge Labs which is considered to a pioneer and leader in producing skin care products for spas and also health care facilities.


The ingredients of Swiss Apple Stem Cell Face Serum include PhytoCellTec System Cell, Collagen, tetrapeptide-3 which is more like Matrixly 3000, Propylene Glycol, and dehydrative acid.

Working of Swiss Apple Stem Cell Face Serum

It is believed that there is a special kind of apple that is found in the Swiss Alps that has self-healing properties. It is true that a variety of apple exists in Swiss Alps as many sites have confirmed it. The Swiss Apple Stem Cell Face Serum claims to have anti-aging and anti-wrinkling properties because it is said that they have incorporated the same which seems to work on skin.

Swiss Apple Stem Cell Face Serum Performance

The Swiss Apple Stem Cell Face Serum has only a few reviews. Most of the reviews are positive. As mentioned earlier it has some great ingredients which are generally found in the high-end beauty products. Most of the reviews stated that the product has a considerable effect on their skin and there is an evident reduction in the wrinkles. We came across these reviews in various other sites and in some public forums.


It is easy to get as it is available in all online stores like Amazon. All the ingredients that are used to manufacture the serum are natural. They deliver the promised results up to a certain level, and there is an evident reduction in the skin wrinkles. The official site provides all the information that you need about the product.


The product might have some amazing ingredients like rare Swiss Apple and so on. But every product has its flaws and so does this one. It is very expensive as it costs nearly 120 dollars. There is no scientific backing that apple plant culture can work on skin, there are only very a few reviews available for the product, and biggest and final disadvantage is that you can come across a lot of sites that claim that it just a marketing strategy and the product will not live up to the expectations.

Final Verdict

Even though all the ingredients seem to be safe and all the reviews seem to be positive, there is no scientific backing or solid proof. At the same time, it is not a product that we can try out as it is very expensive.

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